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Speak to Move — where mastering the art of communication meets the power of leadership development, contributing towards your fulfilment and propelling you to the triumph of your career.

A little bit about me

I’m not just your typical speaker, trainer, or coach—I’m here to spark change, to ignite that fire within you. My mission? To help you harness the incredible power of confident communication and effective leadership.

Our Mission

At Speak to Move, we go beyond mastering speeches and presentations. We empower you with the integrated skills of confident communication and leadership growth, unlocking your professional potential.

At Speak to Move, we don’t just create speakers; we craft Movers.

Our Movers aren’t just individuals who speak;

they are the dynamic force that propels audiences to action, the professionals whose drive fuels success, and the leaders whose motivating energy powers their teams.

Our Programmes will enable you to:

Unlock Confident Communication

Gain the skills to communicate with confidence, clarity, and conviction in various professional settings

Master Clear and Concise Communication

Enhance your ability to articulate ideas clearly, concisely, and effectively, fostering better understanding and collaboration

Elevate Your Career and Leadership Impact

Move beyond traditional public speaking skills to propel both your career and leadership capabilities to new heights

Amplify Influence Across Your Organisation

Develop the tools to extend your influence, making a meaningful impact within your organisation as a communicator and a leader

Cultivate a Powerful Professional Presence

Go beyond communication skills alone; build a commanding professional presence that leaves a lasting impression

Boost Confidence in Leadership Competencies

Transform not just your speaking confidence but also gain the confidence to lead effectively, navigating challenges with poise and vision

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Don’t Just Take My Word For It

Here’s what other clients had to say

Public Speaking is as important as ever for business leaders.  Whether you are making a point in a meeting or giving a keynote speech at a conference, one always needs to think through the structure and delivery of the presentation.  It’s been a great learning experience giving speeches to other peers in the training and receiving useful feedback on my presentations.  I highly recommend Speak to Move and Michelle to businesses!

Joe Tanti

CEO - Malta Business Bureau

Michelle Fenech Seguna is an excellent coach of public speaking. By the end of the course, I learnt how to overcome my fear of public speaking and acquired the best tools and techniques to prepare and deliver effective presentations. The course was one of the best learning experiences I have ever had. We worked hard and fully enjoyed the process!

Tania Sultana

Head of Research at MTA

Michelle is an amazing tutor and very effective in demonstrating! Her energy and presence kept me interested the whole time. She covered a good amount of material in a short time.  Her the flow and the pace of the sessions were easy to follow. Michelle shared essential, useful tricks that most would never think of both during a speech and while preparing for it!

Gabriella Stagno Piscopo

Head of Customer Care

The Public Speaking programme exceeded my expectations.  My biggest take-aways were the tips for storytelling and voice control, which were very well explained. This programme also has helped me develop the interpersonal skills when preparing to deliver an influential speech to captivate the hearts and minds of an audience.

James Lephew

Compliance Manager - Betpoint Group Ltd

Josef Said

Michelle is a highly competent HR & Training professional. We worked together on a few projects and she is always on top of things. She is focused and incisive in implementation. Michelle is great at strategy and equally skilled at the detail. Michelle has great presentation skills with a clear and concise delivery style. Above all I am in love with her very direct approach – a rarity these days.

Josef Said

CEO at Expedition 42

The Public Speaking course led by Michelle was very insightful – we learned tips and tricks on how to control our voice, body language and keep our audience engaged in our presentations and pitches. Michelle made everyone feel at ease and helped us to practice the acquired skills there and then. Would definitely recommend the course to anyone who would like to work on their personal growth as well as in business!

Maria Vella

Production Manager at Maka Visuals

Michelle’s training gives participants the opportunity to get out of their comfort zone and participate in different activities. It is a public speaking course and it lives up to its name.  Michelle is very down to earth and makes participants feel comfortable. She has created an interactive training and knows the subject really well.  This interactive training programme has helped me see my potential and challenged me to push myself forward.

Anne Marie Gatt

Assistant Vice-President Human Resources at FIMBank plc

I have had the pleasure to follow Michelle during her esteemed career and experienced her specialized talks about leadership mindset.  When invited by myself to address our Heads of Department at AirX, Michelle delivered a bespoke session. One that is still pictured amongst many and at times referred to!

Robert Fenech

Chief People & Culture Officer

I am very glad that my team and I had the opportunity to follow the public speaking course with Michelle. The lessons were interactive and engaging that drew the participants in and held their attention for the entire session. There was never a dull moment! Michelle’s approach was a very positive one across all fronts!

Dajana Laketic

Head of Human Resources at Foundation for Medical Services

Highly recommend the Public Speaking Programme by Michelle. I walked away with key takeaways that could help me maintain a smooth flow of speech, organise my points in a concise manner, and to think creatively to connect with the audience through storytelling. Michelle’s empowered us to step into our strengths while also identify our areas for improvement in a constructive and effective manner. She has powerful coaching techniques that remain imprinted. It was a great learning journey!

Liana Naudi (Cachia)

HR Leader | Business Coach | Lifestyle Strategist

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