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I’m Michelle Fenech Seguna

I can help you Empower Your Voice and Transform Your Leadership

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I’m the heart and soul behind Speak to Move – a little haven for those passionate about communication and leadership. I’m the Founder and Director, but more importantly, I’m your supporter for growth and transformation. I’m not just your typical speaker, trainer, or coach—I’m here to spark change, to ignite that fire within you. My mission? To help you harness the incredible power of confident communication and effective leadership.

I can help you unlock your full potential and achieve your goals.

Picture this: I’m all about guiding you through the journey of mastering the art of speaking with clarity, brevity, and that unstoppable confidence. And it’s not just about communication techniques—it’s about weaving them seamlessly with leadership skills for a dynamic driving force.

I thrive on diving deep with individuals who are hungry for growth, for those ready to embrace the journey of continuous improvement. Yes, you have guessed it—I’m your biggest advocate for personal and professional advancement.

Together, let’s craft you into the articulate speaker and influential leader you’re destined to be.

Because when you shine,
when you lead with authenticity,
success and positive change are inevitable.

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