Communication Programmes

Take your public speaking and communication skills to new heights.

From Stage Fright to Stage Presence: Conquer Presentation Anxiety

Transform presentation anxiety into confidence with our programme designed to empower professionals in public speaking. Dive into the psychology of communication, utilising effective strategies, including NLP techniques, to conquer stage fright. Learn to shift negative thinking and channel energy for impactful and confident speaking.

Professionals who face significant anxiety in public speaking situations

  • Professionals experiencing anxiety during presentations

  • Individuals nervous about answering questions from senior management and clients

  • Professionals with limited public speaking experience

  • Aspiring speakers seeking confidence and assertiveness

  • Individuals aiming to enhance authority with their team, boss, and stakeholders

  • Anyone desiring a stronger presence when entering a room

Engage in practical exercises designed to:

  • Reduce nervousness

  • Change negative thinking

  • Practice positive visualisation to foster a love for public speaking

This program ensures you:

  • Understand your fear of public speaking.

  • Acquire techniques for maintaining control during presentations

  • Learn to stay focused on your message

Masterful Public Speaking: Elevating Your Presentations with Confidence

Take your public speaking and communication skills to new heights. Designed for those with some speaking experience, this workshop focuses on refining your presentation capabilities. Elevate your skills with impactful techniques, incorporating various speaking practice activities alongside expert critiques and
feedback to leave your audience deeply moved.

Professionals across various levels who want to advance how they communicate their message and present their ideas

  • Individuals with some public speaking experience looking to boost their confidence

  • Professionals seeking to communicate messages and present ideas effectively

  • Professionals aiming to captivate audiences through compelling storytelling

  • Individuals aspiring to leave a lasting impact on teams, superiors, and counterparts

  • Professionals ready to move teams, clients, and stakeholders to action

  • Ambitious individuals prepared to be recognised as leaders and experts in their workplace and industry, taking their business and career to the next level.

Discover how to:

  • Build rapport, connect with your audience and keep their attention

  • Speak and present in a clear, concise and compelling manner

  • Maximise your performance toolbox by mastering body language and enhancing vocal dynamics

By participating in this program, you will:

  • Acquire more influence and inspire others through your speaking
  • Experience improved levels of self-confidence in communication

  • Demonstrate a more powerful professional presence

Fostering a Feedback-Rich Culture: Strategies for Effective Communication

Learn how to cultivate a culture of open communication with this impactful programme on feedback. Explore techniques for giving and seeking valuable feedback, recognising effective and ineffective feedback behaviours, and understanding the value of reinforcing and redirecting feedback. Practice empathic listening to enhance understanding and establish a positive feedback system within your team.

Professionals, Team Managers, Leaders
  • Professionals aiming to enhance their
    feedback giving and receiving skills

  • Managers looking to create an open and constructive feedback environment
  • Teams seeking to improve
    communication and understanding
Participants will:

  • Develop skills in giving and seeking valuable feedback
  • Understand the importance of
    reinforcing and redirecting feedback
  • Engage in active listening, suspending judgment, and reflecting feelings through their words
  • Recognise the benefits of conducting regular 1-on-1s and leading meaningful conversations

By the end of the programme, you will:

  • Create a culture of open communication within your team
  • Ace empathic listening for better understanding
  • Effectively lead 1-on-1 conversations through active listening and thoughtful questions
  • Gain insights into the critical role of self- awareness in leadership through feedback seeking and self-improvement

Precision in Behavioural Interviewing: Optimise Your Hiring Process

Unlock the power of behavioural interviewing, the globally recognized system for fair and accurate candidate evaluation. Our programme provides a structured approach, using the STAR method, to showcase candidates’ specific behaviours and skills. Create a consistent evaluation experience for all candidates, reducing bias and ensuring accurate data for informed hiring decisions.

HR Professionals, talent Acquisition Specialists, Hiring Managers, Departmental Leaders
  • Hiring managers seeking a professional and unbiased interviewing approach.
  • Leaders aiming to master both the art and science of interviewing
  • Professionals involved in the hiring process looking to enhance their skills
  • Managers who want to gain confidence in making the right hiring decisions
Learn the art of:

  • Professional interviewing, including building rapport and demonstrating self-
  • Implementing a scientific process for consistency and bias reduction, involving focused, competency-based questions
  • Applying the STAR method for comprehensive information gathering

By mastering behavioural interviewing, participants will:

  • Apply objectivity and consistency to the hiring process
  • Recognise and reduce bias, becoming skilled interviewers
  • Focus conversations on skills and behaviour for a clear job performance picture
  • Ensure a positive experience for candidates throughout the interview process

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