Hello, I am Michelle Fenech Seguna, a public speaking, presentation skills and business communications coach, speaker and trainer.

Coming from the world of Human Resources, I came to realise how important it is to speak up eloquently, present powerfully and communicate strongly in the professional environment. Throughout my career in HR, I have noticed that individuals who are able to present and express themselves in a clear, confident and engaging manner are more likely to get promoted, be presented with new opportunities and lead successfully. On the other hand, individuals who lack the confidence and ability to speak well in public tend to miss out on new opportunities. I have come across numerous talented people who because they lacked the skills to communicate effectively their performance was diminished.

I therefore set on a mission to enable professionals to speak confidently and articulate their ideas clearly enabling them to move up their career ladders reaching personal
success. The corresponding objective is for leaders to communicate in an engaging manner, being positively influential with others, moving their teams to action. Hence, Speak to Move!

I am passionate about helping people like you reach their full potential and achieve their desired level of success at work. If you wish to benefit and take on your career to the next level by enhancing your communication skills, inspire and influence teams through confident speaking and professional presentations, feel free to contact me.

I augur you great success!

Michelle Fenech Seguna

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